Cykelscramble FAQ


General FAQ

What's this I hear about a 20% discount if I get a ride to/from CykelScramble with Lyft?

It's true! Use code CLIFBAR and get a sweet 20% off your ride.

Offer valid from 09/24/2016 at 12:01 a.m. through 09/25/2016 at 12:01 a.m. Valid for new and existing users; one coupon per user. Good for 20% off 2 rides, max discount of $10 per ride. Valid only for pick-ups or drop-offs at Marin County Fair and Exposition (10 Ave of the Flags, San Rafael, CA 94903). Subject to Lyft's Terms of Service:

Interested in volunteering at the event?

CLIF BAR CykelScramble needs YOU to get the athletes where they need to be, keep the Pump Track pumping, and the Kids Area safe! And, of course, make sure that everyone who wants one can enjoy an ice cold beer from Lagunitas Brewing Company!

All open positions are on event day (September 24th) and most are 4 hour shifts so that you can still experience the unique craziness that is CykelScramble. Bring your friends and family and make a day of it!

As a CykelScramble volunteer you will receive: a CLIF BAR CykelScramble T-shirt, a $14 meal voucher for any of the fabulous Bay Area food trucks on site, and a beer/wine ticket to enjoy after your shift (over 21). Plus you’ll get to watch incredible teams competing on an obstacle-filled, mixed terrain course and catch a performance by Portugal. The Man!

Email us at for more information

Want to Sponsor CLIF Bar CykelScramble?

Email us at and we will hook you up with the right person

Media Inquiries?

Email us at and we will connect you with our PR Team

Spectator FAQ

I’m in it for the long haul. Can I bring my own food, drink, lawn chair, and blankets?

Yes and No.

Food: Bring whatever you need to keep you going throughout the day. We will have food trucks onsite, but if prefer to pack you own then just make sure it’s good enough to share.

Drinks: While you can bring non-alcoholic beverages, no offsite alcohol is allowed at the event. But we got you covered with our Beer (and wine) Garden with libations from Lagunitas Brewing Company & CLIF Family Winery. We’ll also have water stations onsite so make sure to bring a reusable water bottle.

Lawn Chairs & Blankets: Feel free to bring them and get comfy

Is there a place to store my gear?

We will have a FREE bike valet, but other than that, everything else must be in your own possession.

My four-legged friend joins me on my adventures. Can he come to this event?

Marin County Fairgrounds is indeed dog friendly, but please be mindful of cleaning up accidents. The track has enough obstacles!

I brought my bike…can I try out the track?

We’d love to see you clear the doubles, but only approved team members are allowed to ride on the course.

Should I bring my own bike to ride on the pump tracks?

Mike’s Bikes and Orbea will be providing bikes for the pump tracks so no need to bring your own.

If you choose, you can ride your own bike to the event and leave it with our bike valet at the front entrance while you enjoy the festivities.

I want to share this with the world. Can I bring my photo or video camera?

Share, tag, post and tweet as much as you wish. Just remember, no professional photo or video equipment is allowed.

200% Free? Like, everything?!

Well, 99% free. The festival, music and racing action won’t cost you a dime. Food, drinks and memorabilia will set you back a few bucks. But can you really put a price on fun?

Is the event on rain or shine?

Yep, a little rain never hurt anyone and a muddy course is bound to make the racing more exciting.

I have other questions. How can I contact you?

Give us a shout, when it comes to CykelScramble, we know everything about everything.

Athlete FAQ

What type of bike should our team ride?

No one type of bike is going to dominate. It depends on your team. Check out the Race Page for the type of bikes we think will perform best.

Do we need to train?

No one type of rider is going to dominate. It depends on your team. But in all seriousness, it depends on your category. We are assuming that if you signed up for the Roasters Class you are already race fit and if you signed up for the Coasters Class – maybe, not so much. Toasters, you’re probably somewhere in the middle. But make sure to train your party muscles for celebrating afterward.

My team has been accepted! How do I register on race day?

The Night before the Race (Fri. Sept 23RD): You can go onsite to the Marin County Fairgrounds. On Fri you will also have a chance to test out the course (big win!). In the coming month we will send through exact registration times.

Event Day: You can register onsite, the morning of the event. And you will have time to ride the course that morning too. In the coming month we will send through the exact times.

Either way, no matter which option you choose make sure your whole team is present and bring your ID’s.

Can we practice on the course prior to live racing?

Yes! After you’re registered, the course is yours to explore.

That jump freaks me out. Can I skip obstacles?

We encourage taking each challenge head-on, but if you don’t want to attempt an obstacle on-bike, you can carry your bike over or through it. As long as you complete the obstacle and don’t skip it completely, you’re golden.

Beer helps me win. Can I have a couple drinks before the race?

You’re going to have to save the suds for the victory celebration. Participants may not consume alcohol until they have been eliminated or the competition is over.

Where do we go between races? Where do we keep our bike/gear? Do we have our own pit area?

There will be a designated Athlete Area within the track perimeter where you can chill out and recover between each heat. We will also have an Athlete Café which will be serving free food & drink to the athletes throughout the day. Before races, each team will have their own space within the paddock.

If our bike breaks, how do we fix it?

A dedicated bike mechanic will be on site to help in case of a breakdown. However, if you can fix it yourself, you’ll earn more street cred.

We can be faster. How much can we modify our bike between races? (I.e. changing to knobby tires, new gear ratios, etc.)

You’re welcome to try out options during the practice sessions, but once you race the time trial no more performance changes can be made.

One of our team members got sick/got cold feet/can’t attend…can we still race?

As long as you bring an alternate rider with you on race day – you’re good to go. And remember they have to be 18 years of age or older.

If want to stay somewhere close to the race – do you have any suggestions?

Embassy Suites, by Hilton – Is within walking distance from the venue

101 McInnis Pkwy, San Rafael CA 94903


Four Points, by Sheraton – A 4 min drive from the venue

1010 Northgate Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903


China Camp – A 10min drive from the venue

If you want a camping option – China Camp is it. Not only can you camp, but China Camp also offers a bevy of open single-track trails. Reserve your spot here.

I missed out on applying…can I bring a few friends and join the race?

Sorry, you’ll have to wait until next year. But do bring your friends and scope out the competition.